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Woods Edge
tainted_love___ wrote in ballstate
Anyone have any experience with Woods Edge? I saw that it has bad reviews, but I thought I'd see if any of you have lived there and if its really that bad.

Or if you know a 2-bedroom near Morrison (area) house or apartment under $600 a month let me know.


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Woods Edge is some sort of housing that you can't be a full-time student. Well, ONE person on the lease can't be a full-time student. It's something to do with governmental assistance or something. I went there last year and they seemed to be full, and didn't even have an apartment for us to view.

I dunno...but, I hope you find something!

I'm only taking 3 courses .and my fiance isn't ;) but i didn't know it had to do with govt asisstance.

I live in the 400 Apartments on W. Riverside Avenue, near Wheeling. It's not exactly right by Morrison (but is only 10 minutes away). The apartments are nice, the landlord is great, and the prices are definitely reasonable. You might check them out.

Woods Edge is section 8 housing i believe. i think that's why it looks so nasty from the outside/has that rule/etc.

Forest Oaks is right next door and is normal income and i know some students that live there, although windermere is obviously more popular. Forest Oaks are pretty nice inside, and they come with 2 bed 2 bath not just 1. I have no idea what the rent is, though.

so i called and she said they're not income based? And i dont think they look nasty on the outside at all! They're near Morrison. ?

never mind you were right. the lady on the phone didn't know what she was talking about.

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