I am very adamant about making Women's Studies into a department.  There are so many things that we do not have and cannot do because we are not a department.

In my group, it has come to my attention that people would like to know about some of the things that are going on in the world that affect women.  I do not focus specifically on women in all of the topics that I discuss, but the topics I do pick are important to women as well.
Here is one of the topics:

America seems to be very concerned with sex and anything about it. Current sex education is abstinence-only, which is not effective. Because of this form of sex education, the rates of STDs and unplanned pregnancy have grown immensely. People do not know how to use condoms or how STDs are transmitted.
Surprisingly, comprehensive sex education used to be a common thing but has been phased out. There has been a group put together by the Unitarian Church (along with another partner church of a different religion), dedicated to teaching comprehensive sex education in the church. Parents have the option to view the material that their children will be exposed to and opt out of certain sex topics. This group teaches children from K-6 grade, 7-9 grade, and 10-12 grade. There is also a program for adults, which would include college students and older. Apart from that, there is also a program for adults 50+.

What do you think about sex education? Which form do you think is better? Would you have liked to have had comprehensive sex education? What would you like your children to learn?

I am a Women's Studies major.
However, Women's Studies is currently a program and not a department. Our faculty are only employed part-time and Ball State does not have any kind of graduate program in Women's Studies.
Many of you may know about or were involved in the making of State of Assault, and I know that you can see how important it is to have Women's Studies. Our program has struggled for years for recognition and has only a small number of designated classrooms and retired faculty members have been recruited to teach classes in order to keep us up and running.
Please help us become a department with the recognition and consideration that we deserve. Please pass this information along to any of your friends who are members of Ball State.

You do have to be a member of the Ball State community on facebook to join.

Does anyone know?
So, I'm trying to plan a small party for myself after graduation. I know graduation starts at 10 am on May 9th. But, does anyone know how long it is? Or when it's end time is?

Any past experiences?


Hi! I'm about to start graduate school up at Ball State in the fall, and I'm currently looking for a roommate for the University Apartments. I am not particularly concerned with it being Anthony or Scheidler, though I'd prefer Anthony, truth be told. A little about me: I'll be a first-year political science grad student. I'm a vegetarian, very open-minded and generally easy to get along with. I am also rather poor and need a roommate quite badly. I also suck at writing things like this, so... if you, or a friend of yours, is in need of a University Apartment roommate and you want to talk, please e-mail me at prologuespring @ gmail dot com. Thanks!


Hi all, my name is Flick. I just opened a Tattoo Studio called A Taste of Steel Tattoos and Body Piercing. It is located in the Village above Jimmy Johns, across the street from Scottys Brewhouse.  My website is   check out my work and feel free to stop by the studio and see what you think!

Another question :)
For those of you who have graduated, can you recommend a good place to consolidate private loans with that you've had good experiences with? We need to get my fiancee AWAY from Sallie Mae - they are ruining his credit and his life. Thank you very much! We finally got his Stafford Loans consolidated away through the government at least. :)

tax info
Just out of curiosity have you received your 1098-T yet from BSU to do your taxes? This is the tax form that tells you how much you paid in tuition last year. I'm doing classes online and did so last year also and so I didn't know if this why I haven't gotten one yet, but just waiting. :) I'm all done with my taxes except for this one little part :)

Leaser wanted until summer '09
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Hi everyone!

I need a leaser for my house until next summer. I can't live in it right now (freshman dorm thing...-.-) but if anyone wants to move in as soon as possible, that would be fantastic!

The house is on N. Janney Avenue, about 3 blocks from campus. There is a pizza king at the end of the street, and the house has as follows:

2 Bedrooms
1 bathroom
dining and living rooms
full kitchen

Call the following number for further information: 412-952-6190

Thanks a lot!

Roommate needed for Fall '09!
So my friend Rachel and I have an awesome little three bedroom house on Neeley Ave, but there are only two of us. We desperately need a third roommate or the rent will be too high for either of us to afford next year and we'll end up back in the dorms! It's a really great place. It has:

Three bdrms, 1 bath
Central air
Lawn care is provided
The kitchen is spacious
And I mean, Rachel and I live there, so you would have the time of your life!!!

The rent is $320 a month plus utilities. (Unless we don't find a third, in which case it's $480!!!)

Please please please, if you or a friend is looking for a place to live near campus next year with some fun people, then email me!

need a subleaser
JANUARY - AUGUST, university estates. (across from wal mart). nice little apartment to share with my current roommate. you will have your own bathroom. dishwasher, washer/dryer. i pay $375 a month but am willing to negotiate something better. reply to i will show you around anytime.

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