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The Ball State Hangout

Ball State Community
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Hey there! This is the community for people that go to Ball State. Talk about whatever you want - it doesn't have to be relating to Ball State. However, common sense should be used when posting off-topic posts.

Please remember to use the golden rule. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.

That doesn't mean you can call names and then say that you like to be treated that way. The Golden Rule is the basis of friendly communication. Use it.

Although debate, etc. is allowed, comments and remarks that hurt anothers feelings won't be tolerated. Please dont advertise or post pictures without first putting an LJ-CUT tag. Also, comments MUST be on for ALL entries. This is not negotiable. This is a community. If you have comments turned off, I will kindly tell you that your entry will be deleted if they're not turned back on.

Thanks and enjoy!!
jackola, your fearless geek.

Disclaimer: What is posted here is not the opinion of Ball State, nor is this community in anyway affiliated or owned by Ball State University.